October 21st Birthdays

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October 21st, 1990 (October 21 1990)BirthRicky Rubio, Spanish basketball player
October 21st, 1986 (October 21 1986)BirthAlex Kew, British actor
October 21st, 1986 (October 21 1986)BirthChristopher Uckermann, Mexican actor and singer in the Latin pop group RBD
October 21st, 1984 (October 21 1984)BirthAnouk Leblanc-Boucher, French Canadian short track speed skater
October 21st, 1984 (October 21 1984)BirthKenny Cooper, American soccer player
October 21st, 1984 (October 21 1984)BirthMarvin Mitchell, American football player
October 21st, 1984 (October 21 1984)BirthKieran Richardson, English footballer
October 21st, 1983 (October 21 1983)BirthZack Greinke, American baseball player
October 21st, 1983 (October 21 1983)BirthNinette Tayeb, Israeli singer
October 21st, 1983 (October 21 1983)BirthAndy Marte, Dominican baseball player
October 21st, 1982 (October 21 1982)BirthJames White, American basketball player
October 21st, 1982 (October 21 1982)BirthMatt Dallas, American Actor
October 21st, 1981 (October 21 1981)BirthNemanja Vidic, Serbian footballer
October 21st, 1980 (October 21 1980)BirthKim Kardashian, American socialite
October 21st, 1980 (October 21 1980)BirthBrian Pittman, American musician (Relient K)
October 21st, 1979 (October 21 1979)BirthKhalil Greene, American baseball player
October 21st, 1979 (October 21 1979)BirthGabe Gross, American baseball player
October 21st, 1978 (October 21 1978)BirthWill Estes, American actor
October 21st, 1978 (October 21 1978)BirthJoey Harrington, American football player
October 21st, 1976 (October 21 1976)BirthJeremy Miller, American TV actor
October 21st, 1976 (October 21 1976)BirthLavinia Milosovici, Romanian gymnast
October 21st, 1976 (October 21 1976)BirthJosh Ritter, American musician
October 21st, 1976 (October 21 1976)BirthMelanie Turgeon, French Canadian alpine skier
October 21st, 1975 (October 21 1975)BirthToby Hall, American baseball player
October 21st, 1975 (October 21 1975)BirthHenrique Hilario, Portuguese footballer
October 21st, 1973 (October 21 1973)BirthLera Auerbach, Russian composer
October 21st, 1973 (October 21 1973)BirthCharlie Lowell, American Musician
October 21st, 1972 (October 21 1972)BirthFelicity Andersen, Australian actress
October 21st, 1972 (October 21 1972)BirthSaffron Burrows, English actress
October 21st, 1972 (October 21 1972)BirthMasakazu Morita, seiyu and actor
October 21st, 1972 (October 21 1972)BirthMatthew Friedberger, American musician (The Fiery Furnaces)Ric Berger Quotes
October 21st, 1972 (October 21 1972)BirthEvhen Tsybulenko, Ukrainian professor of international law
October 21st, 1971 (October 21 1971)BirthDamien Martyn, Australian cricketer
October 21st, 1971 (October 21 1971)BirthJade Jagger, Socialite and Jewellery Designer
October 21st, 1971 (October 21 1971)BirthNick Oliveri, American musician
October 21st, 1971 (October 21 1971)BirthPaul Norman Telfer, Scottish footballer
October 21st, 1969 (October 21 1969)BirthSalman bin Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, crown prince of Bahrain
October 21st, 1969 (October 21 1969)BirthMo Lewis, American football player
October 21st, 1968 (October 21 1968)BirthMelora Walters, American actress
October 21st, 1967 (October 21 1967)BirthPaul Ince, English footballer
October 21st, 1965 (October 21 1965)BirthIon Andoni Goikoetxea, Spanish footballer
October 21st, 1964 (October 21 1964)BirthJon Carin, American musician (Pink Floyd, The Who)
October 21st, 1962 (October 21 1962)BirthDavid Campese, Australian rugby union footballer
October 21st, 1959 (October 21 1959)BirthGeorge Bell, Dominican baseball player
October 21st, 1959 (October 21 1959)BirthTony Ganios, American Actor
October 21st, 1959 (October 21 1959)BirthRose McDowall, Scottish musician
October 21st, 1959 (October 21 1959)BirthKen Watanabe, Japanese actor
October 21st, 1957 (October 21 1957)BirthJulian Cope, English musician and writer Julian Quotes
October 21st, 1957 (October 21 1957)BirthWolfgang Ketterle, German physicist, Nobel laureate
October 21st, 1957 (October 21 1957)BirthSteve Lukather, American musician
October 21st, 1956 (October 21 1956)BirthCarrie Fisher, American actress and writerCarrie Fisher Quotes
October 21st, 1955 (October 21 1955)BirthRich Mullins, American musician (died in 1997)
October 21st, 1954 (October 21 1954)BirthBrian Tobin, Canadian premier of Newfoundland
October 21st, 1953 (October 21 1953)BirthKeith Green, American musician (died in 1982)
October 21st, 1953 (October 21 1953)BirthPeter Mandelson, British politician
October 21st, 1953 (October 21 1953)BirthCharlotte Caffey, American musician (The Go-Go s)
October 21st, 1952 (October 21 1952)BirthTrevor Chappell, Australian cricketer
October 21st, 1952 (October 21 1952)BirthPatti Davis, American actress and novelist
October 21st, 1952 (October 21 1952)BirthAllen Hoey, American poet and novelist
October 21st, 1952 (October 21 1952)BirthBrent Mydland, American keyboardist (Grateful Dead) (died in 1990)
October 21st, 1950 (October 21 1950)BirthRonald McNair, American astronaut (died in 1986)
October 21st, 1949 (October 21 1949)BirthMichel Briere, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 1971)
October 21st, 1949 (October 21 1949)BirthMike Keenan, Canadian ice hockey coach
October 21st, 1949 (October 21 1949)BirthBenjamin Netanyahu, 9th Prime Minister of Israel
October 21st, 1948 (October 21 1948)BirthShaye Cohen, Historian and Professor at Harvard University
October 21st, 1948 (October 21 1948)BirthTom Everett, American actor
October 21st, 1946 (October 21 1946)BirthJim Hill, American sportscaster
October 21st, 1946 (October 21 1946)BirthLux Interior, American singer (The Cramps)
October 21st, 1946 (October 21 1946)BirthLee Loughnane, American musician
October 21st, 1945 (October 21 1945)BirthEverett McGill, American actorEric Gill Quotes
October 21st, 1943 (October 21 1943)BirthTariq Ali, Pakistani author and historianTariq Ali Quotes
October 21st, 1943 (October 21 1943)BirthBrian Piccolo, American football player (died in 1970)
October 21st, 1942 (October 21 1942)BirthElvin Bishop, American musician
October 21st, 1942 (October 21 1942)BirthJudy Sheindlin, American judge ("Judge Judy")
October 21st, 1942 (October 21 1942)BirthAllan Grice, Australian racing driver
October 21st, 1941 (October 21 1941)BirthSteve Cropper, American musician
October 21st, 1940 (October 21 1940)BirthGeoff Boycott, English cricketer
October 21st, 1940 (October 21 1940)BirthManfred Mann, English musician
October 21st, 1938 (October 21 1938)BirthCarl Brewer, Canadian ice hockey player (died in 2001)
October 21st, 1930 (October 21 1930)BirthIvan Stepanovich Silayev, Last prime minister of the Soviet Union
October 21st, 1929 (October 21 1929)BirthUrsula K. Le Guin, American author
October 21st, 1928 (October 21 1928)BirthWhitey Ford, American baseball player
October 21st, 1925 (October 21 1925)BirthLouis J. Robichaud, Canadian premier of New Brunswick (died in 2005)
October 21st, 1924 (October 21 1924)BirthCelia Cruz, Cuban singer, Queen of Salsa. (died in 2003)
October 21st, 1924 (October 21 1924)BirthJoyce Randolph, American actress
October 21st, 1922 (October 21 1922)BirthLiliane de Bettencourt, heir to L Oreal
October 21st, 1921 (October 21 1921)BirthSir Malcolm Arnold, British composer (died in 2006)
October 21st, 1917 (October 21 1917)BirthDizzy Gillespie, American musician (died in 1993)Eric Gill Quotes
October 21st, 1914 (October 21 1914)BirthMartin Gardner, American mathematician and writer
October 21st, 1912 (October 21 1912)BirthSir Georg Solti, Hungarian conductor (died in 1997)Sir Georg Solti Quotes
October 21st, 1912 (October 21 1912)BirthAlfredo Pian, Argentine racing driver (died in 1990)
October 21st, 1907 (October 21 1907)BirthNikos Engonopoulos, Greek painter and poet (died in 1985)
October 21st, 1907 (October 21 1907)BirthJules Chevalier, French priest (born in 1824)
October 21st, 1906 (October 21 1906)BirthLillian Asplund, last American Titanic survivor (died in 2006)
October 21st, 1904 (October 21 1904)BirthPatrick Kavanagh, Irish poet (died in 1967)
October 21st, 1898 (October 21 1898)BirthEduard Putsep, Estonian wresler and Olympic medalist (died in 1960)
October 21st, 1895 (October 21 1895)BirthEdna Purviance, American actress (died in 1958)
October 21st, 1894 (October 21 1894)BirthRampo Edogawa, Japanese author and critic (died in 1965)
October 21st, 1886 (October 21 1886)BirthEugene Burton Ely, American aviation pioneer (died in 1911)
October 21st, 1851 (October 21 1851)BirthGeorge Ulyett, English cricketer (died in 1898)
October 21st, 1847 (October 21 1847)BirthGiuseppe Giacosa, Italian writer (died in 1906)
October 21st, 1833 (October 21 1833)BirthAlfred Nobel, Swedish inventor and founder of the Nobel Prize (died in 1896)Alfred Nobel Quotes
October 21st, 1821 (October 21 1821)BirthEduard Heine, German mathematician (died in 1881)
October 21st, 1790 (October 21 1790)BirthAlphonse de Lamartine, French writer (died in 1869)Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes
October 21st, 1775 (October 21 1775)BirthGiuseppe Baini, Italian composer (died in 1844)
October 21st, 1772 (October 21 1772)BirthSamuel Taylor Coleridge, British poet (died in 1834)Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes
October 21st, 1762 (October 21 1762)BirthHerman Willem Daendels, Dutch statesman (died in 1818)
October 21st, 1757 (October 21 1757)BirthPierre Augereau, Marshal of France and duc de Castiglione (died in 1816)
October 21st, 1725 (October 21 1725)BirthFranz Moritz Graf von Lacy, Austrian field marshal (died in 1801)
October 21st, 1712 (October 21 1712)BirthSir James Steuart, British economist (died in 1780)
October 21st, 1687 (October 21 1687)BirthNicolaus I Bernoulli, Swiss mathematician (died in 1759)
October 21st, 1675 (October 21 1675)BirthEmperor Higashiyama of Japan (died in 1710)
October 21st, 1660 (October 21 1660)BirthGeorg Ernst Stahl, German scientist (died in 1734)
October 21st, 1650 (October 21 1650)BirthJean Bart, French admiral (died in 1702)
October 21st, 1581 (October 21 1581)BirthDomenico Zampieri, Italian painter (died in 1641)
October 21st, 1527 (October 21 1527)BirthLouis I, Cardinal of Guise, French cardinal (died in 1578)
October 21st, 1449 (October 21 1449)BirthGeorge, Duke of Clarence, brother of Edward IV and Richard III (died in 1478)

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